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Vision & Mission


With knowledge and long experience of domestic and international trade, combined with the expertise of an excellent team in Netbay, has resulted in the readiness and the potential to develop service innovation for our customers. Our comprehensive service offers an End-to-End solution to our customers, from the upstream (customers), to midstream (Netbay’s Omni Channel Connectivity Gateway) and down-stream (Government, business, financial institute).

Our customers or subscribers can save time and investment budget while gaining convenience and efficiency in using our gateway services with multiple accesses from single connectivity. The users can send or receive their electronic transactions from anywhere, at any time and with any device. Netbay’s innovative technology can help our customers keep pace with the rapid changes in this complex business during the digital economy era.Diversity is our strength.

As a global company we value the variety of knowledge, perspectives and experiences in our organization, and draw strength from these to fuel our competitiveness.

We are responsible.

In our pursuit of business growth and profitability we do things the right way- economically, socially, and environmentally.

Vision Statement

Based on our ‘Strategic Intent’ along with our strengths in innovative digital business technology, we, the management and staff of Netbay, envision maintaining and consolidating our company’s position as the most respected brand in our field of business.

Our aspiration is to develop digital business growth with clients, and help them through the complexities and changes in the digitized business world. We seek to organize the client's community to increase the value chain by creating a center and gateway for digital business networking.

Mission Statement

At Netbay, we aim to create, design and develop the best Innovative Digital Business Technology Platform and e-Logistics Trading include delivering superior professional solutions and services with Omni Channel Connectivity Gateway via single window entry for global & logistics supply chain communities to enable their businesses to achieve multi-channel connectivity across border trade.